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Angel City Elite (ACE) is a women’s distance running team based out of Los Angeles. The group was founded by friends united by their love for running, competing, and representing their respective roots. The vast and various terrains of Los Angeles serve as the perfect training ground for each of these women in their journeys within the elite world of distance running. With shoes on their feet, passion to guide their way, and support from their team, the members of ACE know that anything is achievable. 

The group and its mission were set into motion after the 2020 Marathon Olympic Trials and then accelerated further after the events that sparked the social justice movement later that year. Reflecting together, each member mutually agreed on feeling little resemblance of self within the running community and wanted to create a shift of awareness and inclusion. Running has long represented opportunity, connection, vitality, and growth- the thought that members of any community would feel barred from experiencing all that this sport has to offer is unjustifiable. ACE came into motion as a collaborative effort of female elite runners looking to make a statement of representation in the running community while chasing both their athletic and personal potentials.

Our mission is to represent, achieve, and empower! ACE is committed to using their platform, stories, and partnerships with other local initiatives to increase BIPOC representation in the running community. We want our sport to broaden its reach of inclusivity, and to truly become a community for those who have ever felt marginalized to achieve their greatest dreams. 

Angel City Elite was founded in 2021 in affiliation with Brooks.

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